Explorer Membership- These are the young adults who will be the future of this department.

  • Minimum age is 14 years old.
  • These members must be between the ages of 14 and 18 years old.
  • Live within the district or no more than 5 miles out.
  • Complete application packet and submit 3 year driving record.
  • Interview with membership committee.
  • May not be a volunteer at another fire department (unless approved by administration).
  • New members will serve six (6) months probationary period.
  • Membership is retained by attending two (2) monthly training classes and at least four (4) multi company drills per year.
  • They may ride in the trucks only when no other firefighter is available.
  • They must wear their full protective equipment at the scene.
  • They will not take an active part in the initial knockdown or the ventilation of an interior attack of a structure fire. The other firefighters may have them help when the fire is under control, with supervision of an experienced firefighter
  • They will assist the firefighters by changing air packs and doing what is required of them. There should not be idleness at the scene.
  • They will always help in overhaul operations.
  • For all CAR WRECKS, ROAD WASH DOWN, and CAR FIRES, EXPLORERS are to STAND BY IN THE UNIT until assignment is made by Shift Officer.

Explorer Training Requirements-

Employees are responsible to be familiar with the Fire District Procedure Manual We require that you comply with the departmentís minimum education standard. Some additional education may be required depending on your job classification status. Continued education is mandatory for all personnel and should be an opportunity to receive information that will make your job safer. During the first month probationary period members must successfully complete: During the first six (6) months (if available) probationary members must successfully complete:
  • Infection control training, TB testing, and the first of 3 HBV (or declination)
  • SCFA 1152 (Fundamentals of Firefighting 80 hours)
  • First Aid/CPR/AED (Minimum) First Responder Preferred
  • Respiratory FIT Tested (Prior to FF training)
  • Online NIMS 700 and 800

During the next six (6) months (if available) explorers must successfully complete:

During the second year explorers may complete:
This schedule may be accelerated based on availability of classes and the explorers personal schedule. Advanced classes will not be approved without Explorer Advisor approval until basic classes have been completed.
  • SCFA 2722 HazMat OPS (24 hours)
  • SCFA 8335 Intro Wildland/Urban Interface (16 hours)
  • SCFA Academy courses approved for 16 and 17 Year Old Learning for Life Exploring Program.


The Primary Mission of the REIDVILLE AREA FIRE DISTRICT is to Provide a Variety of Services Designed to Protect Lives and Property of the Community we Serve, and Mutual Aid to the County of Spartanburg, By Providing Prompt and Professional Service. Our Specific Area of Responsibility; Public Fire Education, Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Services, and Disasters or Any Other Event, Natural or Man Made, Which may Threaten the Citizens We Serve.